My Friends, We live to fight another day

November 5, 2008 by

As you all know, this Blog has put Country First in a many ways, first by pledging to engage in positive posting and next by suspending blogging when hard financial times required such measures.

Last night, John McCain did not realize his goal. While many are understandably sad, we take time to congratulate the winner, That One from Illinois.

In the future we will seek a new standard bearer. Will it be either of the beloved former Governors of Massachusetts or Arkansas or Florida or perhaps the current Governor of  Alaska?

We shall see my friends, we shall see.


Country First!

September 26, 2008 by

You may have noticed that there have not been any posts at The John McCain Liberal Blog Outreach Initiative of late.

We have decided to suspend blogging in respect to the financial crisis our Country has been facing.  This is no time for Politics.

Country first.

J-Mac Rocks St. Paul

September 7, 2008 by

Mount Up and Ride McCain/Palin to Victory!

Mount Up and Ride McCain/Palin to Victory!

Hey All.

What a week.  St. Paul is a great city filled to the rafters with McCainiacs. For any doubters of John McCain, their questions have been answered and the faith should be renewed.

In John McCain we Trust and in his awesome new side kick Sarah Palin.

Mount up friends. Stay the course and blog on. Only providence can stop us now and we know whose side HE is on.

Talent not Trolls

August 31, 2008 by

Hey all.

Have you been posting out there on the blogosphere about John McCain and the good things he wants to do for this country only to be confronted by an angry liberal who accuses you of being a Troll.

Well we all know not to feed the Trolls.  But why are they calling you a Troll when you only want to elevate the discussion by informing the Board about John McCain? This is manifestly unfair of the liberal and not in keeping with the traditions of the internet.

Your response should be this: Inform the liberal that he is the Troll while you are the Talent.  You see, the person accusing you of being a Troll is in fact the Troll due to his attempt to stifles legitimate discussion of important issues by blusterous accusations.

You are important. You are serving a vital interest to the McCain Campaign and to our County.  You are Talent. You are not a Troll.  Heads high McCainiacs and do not be intimidated by boisterous liberals!

Now go hit those blogs and be positive and stay positive!

Hill-Raizahs a Buzzin

August 26, 2008 by

Da Hipstah here with da word from the street.  Words for the day: Experience Counts.

Word on da street is that majah Hillary Peeps be coming out in force for J-Mac. They know J-Mac is where it at.

You heard it here first.


Rules are for YOU to Follow

August 26, 2008 by

Hey all.

I’d like to take a moment to revisit the rules of engagement when attempting Outreach at a liberal blog.

I’ve been noticing some of you newer McCainiac Bloggers have been getting rough out there with your comments on the blogosphere. At the McCain Liberal Blog Outreach Initiative, we help dedicated McCainiacs bring open minded and reachable liberals to John McCain. We are positive and use Reason not Bluster.

When circumstances dictate and it becomes time to take off the gloves, we have professional staff that may mix it up on the Blogosphere using Approved Combative Rhetoric. But as far as our volunteer McCainiac Bloggers, we expect them to use positive language and stay away from Combative Rhetoric. So here is a reposting of some of our Rules for Outreach.

The McCain Liberal Blog Outreach Initiative is designed to reach reachable fair minded folks.

So when venturing out to the Liberal Blogosphere, remember to play nice. You can write about why John McCain would make a good President, but that does not mean you should tear Barack Obama down. Obama is a fine candidate and may make a good president someday when he gets more experience.

Be positive. Stay Positive.

That’s all for now. Remember John McCain knows War. John McCain knows how to win wars. If you can’t follow orders, you are not helping John McCain.

Now go hit those blogs!!!

Hipstahs and Hopstahs 4 J-Mac

August 22, 2008 by

What up what up my brothas! 

Da Hipstah here with da word from da street on J-Mac and his Web-attack. Have any of you heard of the terms hip and/or hop?  Well Hip Hop is has hit da street and is all da rage among 2days urban youth.

Matter of fact here’s J-Mac himself with a hiphopstah getting down with the needs of his peeps. Word on da streets iz that today’s youths R down with J-Mac and are ready, willing and able to hit the voting booths this fall. Word. -|

Now rumor had it that Obama’s background as a Street Organizer would give him street cred gainst J-Mac.  But if you wanna get a real view of the street scene  and where all the peeps are going take a look here: HipHop Republicans We down GOP.

You wanna be down with da Street, too? Try this J-Mac Street Sign: 3 fingas down low. Get da word out for J-Mac and Jack your street cred with today’s urban youths at the same time. Give’em 3 fingas down.

Da Hipstah OUT!

Report for Duty Young Man

August 21, 2008 by
McCain/You 08

McCain/You 08

Hey all. Are You an Army of One Ready to do your part to elect John McCain?

John McCain is counting on your help to organize the Blogosphere to get the good news about John McCain out to masses.

Sign up and form up your Army of Sock Puppets, TODAY!!! And you can be an Army of One for John McCain.

Are You Experienced?

August 16, 2008 by

Hey Folks how is it going?

Well it has been about a month since we started handing out Blogging and Bogosphere tips for all you new McCainiac bloggers. And I think some of you are starting to get the hang of it. Since we have started, we have learned all about trickersters known as Trolls. And we have learned that one should never feed a Troll.

We’ve also learned about the treacherous Concern Troll who may pose as your friend but definately is not. While, on the other hand, the Moderator may well be your friend. We’ve learned how to Handle a Sockpuppet and how to use Sockpuppets to create an Army of One that can overwhelm your opponents.

We have also Learned that John McCain has done most of your work for you. And that you can go to and Block, Copy, and Paste all sorts of persuasive arguments written by John McCain right into your blog.

We learned the language of today’s urban youth who digg McCain and the McCain Urban Street Sign that you can use to boost your street cred. You now should know that liberals don’t refer to other liberals as “liberals,” they refer to them as “Progressives.” And we gotten alot of experience along the way.

And Now I am Proud to say that with these lessons you could be well on the way to becoming Professional McCain Bloggers. Congratulations Team McCain!

That’s all I have for tonight, just a recap of some of our helpful hints. Keep on blogging and spreading the Good News about John McCain.

U R an Army of 1

August 11, 2008 by

What up my brothas. Its Da Hipstah here with the gnus u can use. 

You ever been blooging about John McCain only to find yourself outnumbered at that website by boisterous liberals? This can be kind of a drag because it prevents you of engaging in meaningful outreach with reachable voters. This can happen quite frequently, but not to worry, because I have a tip for you that can help you turn the tables on boisterous liberals and put the numbas in your Favor!

Now as newly blogging McCainiacs you may not be up to the latest tactics on the web.  As a matter of fact, when you joined the Army it may have been to “Be All That You Can Be” or to maybe you joined the national guard to defend the Homeland against the VC.  But today’s Youth sign up to join “The Army of One.”

And when you are seemingly out numba’d all you have to do to turn the table in your direction is to remember that You are an Army of One. If you find yourself outnumbered on all sides, just try this.

Create several you’s. You can blog under several diferrent ‘Handles’ at the same time! By doing this you can “Surround the opposition with Sockpuppets” and create an Army of One. You can beat down the boisterous liberals and show those receptive to Outreach that John McCain gotts the heat.

You can do this and bring the reachable voters aboard by being An Army of One. Well that my tip for the week. Keep on a keeping on for John McCain.

Da Hipstah OUT.

Take the Bait, Get the Switch…Ouch!

August 7, 2008 by

Hey all.

I trust the blogging is going well. Keep it up, John McCain is counting on you!  Well time for a new tip.

Have you come across a fellow poster who seems at first to be a reachable voter while posting about John McCain and his many virtues only to have this poster turn on you abruptly. Say this poster has some positive things to say about John McCain but wants you to admit a mistake that John McCain may have made before committing further toward voting for John McCain. Say this poster said something like this:

I like both John McCain and Barack Obama. But what I value most is someone who can admit a mistake and learn from it. Knowing everything we know now about how the Iraq war would go and how much it would cost don’t you think there was a better way to make America safer other than invading and occupying Iraq indefinitely?

Well what to do? Of course Iraq has not gone how the experts, such as John McCain, thought it would go.  Should you say yes, it was worth it and that you’d make the same mistakes over if you had it to do again? Or should you say maybe we should have made some different decisions to make America Safe? You decide to tell this reachable voter what you think he wants to hear and say:

Well if we had to do it over again we should have made some decisions differently. It is unfortunate but we are on the right course now and John McCain know the right strategy now.

There, a perfectly reasonable middle of the road statement.  It should be just what the reachable voter is looking looking for. But then all of a sudden this reachable voter isn’t so reachable aanymore and as a matter of fact he is downright hostile. Perhaps he says something like this in response:

So you admit John McCain made a mistake when it came to invading Iraq. How can we trust him now?  Why should I trust him about anything including and especially national security. I don’t trust John McCain and you should not either because he was wrong about Iraq.

Well my friend you just got drawn into a Bait and “Switch.” And by Switch,  I mean “to switch” as in the verb.  So be careful out there.  Some bloggers may not be who they seem to be.  They may be waiting for you to take the bait so they can give you the Switch. Ouch!

Anyway, that is this week’s tip. Have fun, Stay safe.

How to ‘Handle’ the Sockpuppet

August 2, 2008 by

Hey all.

Back for another tip? Any of you been hitting the blogs posting the good news about John McCain and experienced this.  You’ve returned to a site where you frequently post and find someone else using your screen name?  But that’s not the worst of it, the person using your screen name is pretending to be you and now supports Obama ! ? !  Say your screen name is McCainiac_44 and you see:

Well everyone who posts on this board is familar with Me McCainiac_44 and my postings and knows me to be a strong supporter of John McCain. Well from reading the posts on this Board I now have come to believe that Experience is important but Change is more important. And this is why I now believe Obama should be President and urge all other McCain supporters to reconsider and support Obama. 

Well, you have just been sockpuppeted, my friend. And the person pretending to be you was running a sockpuppet. By running a sockpuppet, the dishonest poster can mislead readers of the blog into thinking a long time McCain supporter had changed his mind and is now supporting Obama. What to do?  You could argue with the sockpuppet as to the identity of the real McCainiac_44, but this rarely achieves the desired effect.

Well here is a tip. Change your ‘Handle,’ meaning adopt a new screen name. It does not matter which name you choose it could be “J-Mac Fan” or anything else. And then respond to the Sockpuppet like this:

I know McCainiac_44 and he is at the yatch club tonight and not near a computer.  I am sure when he gets back to his computer tomorrow, he will be back posting cool stuff about John McCain.  This person proclaiming support for Obama is running a Sockpuppet! Don’t fall for this trick.

By changing your ‘Handle‘ you can Handle the Sockpuppet!

There are other ways to beat a Sockpuppet, such as Turning the Sockpuppet Insideout, but this will get you started for now. Well that’s the tip of the night. Good luck blogging!

The Concern Troll is not your Friend

July 30, 2008 by

Hello Friends.

I trust you have been busy blogging away about John McCain. Speaking of which time for our next lesson.

Have you ever been posting comments about John McCain to find a fellow commenter who shares your passion for John McCain but also has a concern about him. Say this fellow commenter posts something like this:

I am a registered voter and I, too, like John McCain and would like to vote for him very much. I think he would be an excellent President, but I have a concern. I am worried that John McCain may be too old to handle the rigors of the Presidency. Being President is hard and causes great stress. This is a concern to me. Because of this concern I don’t know if I will vote for him. Like I said I am very concerned.

What to do? It appears that you have met a “reachable voter” who is willing to vote for John McCain. But don’t be fooled. You have just encountered a “Concern Troll.” A Concern Troll uses subterfuge to make you think that he shares your beliefs. By doing this the Concern Troll seeks to change your mind about John McCain or cause doubt. This is done by persuasively raising a seemingly valid concern while posing as your friend. This practice is underhanded but often practiced on the internet. Be on your guard for this tactic.

When you encounter a Concern Troll be wary….because the Concern Troll is not your friend. Well that’s your tip for the day.

Enjoy and have fun blogging about John McCain.

Block Copy Paste….Win!

July 25, 2008 by

Hey All.

Long time no blog. What’s it been a few days? Well I’m back after a quick 5 days in Ontario on R&R where a certain awesome someone who is on the VP short list was rumored to be chilling (hint initials M.R.).

I want to thank Da Hipstah for filling in while I’ve been out. I see he been partying more than blogging again. But its back to work for me. Speaking of which, how about a tip for the evening?

Here’s one. Have you ever been blogging about John McCain and his vast experience and leadership only to be rebutted by a boisterous liberal? What to do? Well, John McCain can help you out. Just go to John McCain’s Website and click on ISSUES. You’ll find a webpage full of information about John McCain and his vast experience.

Just selection a topic, say, The Economy, or National Security, or Iraq, or Strict Constructionist Judges, or The Right to Bear Arms or even Health Care and MORE! Read up and select the text John McCain has provided for you. You can copy from John McCain’s Website what you want to use to rebut the boisterous Liberal and post it right to the Blog!

An instant dose of John McCain and some straight talk. That’ll straighten things out. What’s not to like? It couldn’t be easier. Like I said before, John McCain practically sells himself, so you don’t have to.

Anyway, that’s the tip for the night…. a little techno buzz for your blogging fun.

I’ll be back tomorrow for a lesson on the infamous “Concern Troll.” Hint – The Concern Troll is not your friend.

J-Mac’s in da GAME

July 21, 2008 by

What up McCainiacs?

Well there is a lot on the up and up on the J-Mac for Prez campaign. Check out this on the internet about top shelf celebs showing up big for J-Mac. Fraiser Crane, Tom Selleck, Tom Selleck’s wife, Dan Quayle and Jerry Bruckheimer.

But that’s not all.  You got Sportsters like the owners of the Dallas Cowboys, Arizona Cardinals, San Diego Chargers and the New York Yankees, too. All these cat$ are throwing down for J-Mac.

J-Mac’s Street Cred is on the rise! Take it from Da Hipstah, be a playa and get on board.

R U down w/J-Mac?

July 21, 2008 by

Man what a couple of nights hitting da TOWN partying hard and talking up J-Mac.

Well many of our readers may not be down with the street scene, so let me fill you in on a new fad sweeping the Streets. It’s the J-Mac hand sign and it is catching like fire among today’s urban youths.

Wanna know what this kewl new sign is so you can get in on the fun too? Here it is: 3 Fingas Down. 3 Fingas Down stands for M as is in McCain!

So next time you are passing by a McCainiac, enhance your street cred and give em 3 down low…. like this:

J-Mac Street Sign

J-Mac Street Sign

Don’t feed the Trolls

July 20, 2008 by

Hey All!

No doubt that reaching out to liberals, moderates and undecideds on the blogosphere and sharing the good news about John McCain has it rewards. But there are challenges as well. Have you commented on a Blog only to have your comment taken out of context by another person on that blog? Say you have posted a comment that says something like this:

“National Security is important to me. John McCain has many years of experience with National Security. That’s why I am voting for John McCain, because he is the best on National Security. “

This sounds like a perfectly reasonable comment. It is factual and emphasizes one of John McCain’s many strengths. But the next thing you know another commenter has posted his own comment. And this new comment challenges the basis of your comment in an unfair manner. For example, the new comment may say:

“Now if McCain is so smart about National Security, why can’t he use a computer or even surf the net? If someone does not know how to use a computer, how he can he be trusted to understand National Security? This is why I do not trust John McCain on National Security.”

How are you to respond? These two issues are clearly not interdependent. One can understand National Security and not understand computers. What has happened, is that you have encountered a Troll. A Troll is not interested in debating John McCain’s National Security experience. A Troll is interested in discussing his pet issue or preventing you from discussing John McCain’s vast experience. Trolls often will troll blogs seeking opportunities to disrupt responsible discussion in favor of the Troll’s pet issues or general disruption of any discussion on the topic at large.

What to do? The answer is simple: “Don’t feed the Trolls.” When a Troll strikes, your response should be to ignore the Troll and his comments. If everyone commenting on a blog ignores the Troll, i.e., does not feed him, he will go away. Often times Trolls post outrageous comments to get attention. So if you do not give him any attention, he will leave to troll some other blog on the Blogosphere.

This approach always works. So give it a try!

Anyway here is your tip of the day. Now go hit the blogosphere and post some good stuff about John McCain. And remember Don’t feed the Trolls!

J-Mac Rox Da House

July 18, 2008 by

Hey fellow McCainiacs, Da Hipstah checking in with some techno-buzz.

Now here’s a tip that can make your own internet experience rocking. You can catch up with J-Mac’s latest and greatest by checking in with John McCain’s Online Video Channel.

Its all there. J-Mac opened up shop a couple of January’s ago and we are already up to 25 subscribers. Go check it out and join up. And of course you can always try the Main Site or my personal fav, J-Mac’s Victory Speech Page.

Well its Friday Night and time for some Clubbin and Hammer Time.

Hipstah OUT.

Everything in ‘Moderation’

July 18, 2008 by

Hey All!

The lesson for today is Moderation. If you have checked out the links on the blog roll,** you’ll see 4 recommended “Blogs for Outreach.” Three of the Four Blogs are supposedly non-partisan blogs run by the liberal media. The other blog maintains a “centrist” format.

From time to time, the commentary on blogs can be rough and tumble. Profanity may even be posted by boisterous liberals or irresponsible conservatives. But on these blogs you have a friend looking out for your interests and the interests of spirited but responsible discussion.

This friend is the Moderator. It is the Moderator’s job to keep the Commentary under control by deleting posts that contain profanity and/or personal attacks against a Candidate or a Commenter. This keeps civil discussion on track and discourages irresponsible discussion.

If you see an irresponsible posting on a blog with Moderation just ignore this irresponsible post and keep posting positively. The Moderator will eventually delete the offensive post.

Often times rabble rousers will attempt to hi-jack discussion through the use of profanity and/or anti-McCain propaganda. Those who engage in such behavior do it out of fear or weakness and in an attempt to steer the topic of discussion away from a Topic that favors John McCain to something trivial.

Do not fall for these tactics. Stay Positive. Be Positive. And Have Fun!

**Ed. Note. A Blogroll is a listing of recommended blogs in the blogosphere that the author of a blog wants you to check out or avoid, as the case may be.

Happy Birthday RedState Blog!!!

July 18, 2008 by

Warm Birthday wishes go out to RedState today. If you haven’t checked out RedState yet, it is a daily must read blog out there on the internet.  If you are new to the blogosphere, go check it out and see where some of the action is. There is a lot to learn there.

So happy 4th birthday RedState and keep up the good work guys!!!